Danny Gokey The New American Idol Favorite?

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Anna Lexington
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Danny Gokey

Following a "bizarre" performance by goth ladies man (and man's man) Adam Lambert, his stock appears to have gone down if we are to believe the results of Dial Idol.  Both Danny Gokey and Anoop Desai were believed to have been among the largest vote-getters following Tuesday night's American Idol.

Heading into this week's Country themed show, Gokey was listed with 7/2 odds (for a payout of $7 on every $2 bet).  Desai had much longer odds of 16/1 (paying $16 for every $1 bet at Sportsinteraction.com).

Lambert had been the near even favorite heading into Tuesday night's show until he performed a "goth" version of Johnny Cash's "Walk The Line".  Judge Simon Cowell suggested that millions of people wanted to throw their television sets out the window "after hearing that".  The other judges just seemed puzzled and almost speechless. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Simon praised Anoop's performance of "Always On My Mind" as going from a "zero to a hero" - whatever that means.

The judges appeared in disagreement with Gokey's performance but America appeared to have liked it.

DialIdol.com had Alexis Grace as the most likely to be leaving the show after Wednesday night's American Idol results.

Gambling911.com will be covering American Idol odds news throughout the season.

Anna Lexington, Gambling911.com 

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