Dancing With The Stars Results Should Have Giles Marini New Fav

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Anna Lexington
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Giles Marini

Early Dancing With The Stars odds had Olympian Shawn Johnson as the easy early favorite.  After all, she's a gymnast and that should equate to good dancing, right?

Well there appear to be two better than Johnson, with Lil Kim not too shabby either.  Giles Marini and Melissa Rycroft both scored better Monday night with the judges.  Following Tuesday night's Dancing With The Stars results show, Marini should be the new favorite to win.

Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly writes:

"Gilles Marini and Cheryl: 27 out of possible 30 last night; 51 out of possible 60 total At the end of their quickstep, Gilles pulled a Superman gimmick, because I guess it's suddenly become too long since Cameron Mathison did the same exact thing in season 5. (Not that I mind. Gilles' was hotter. I think the reveal of his 'G' tee was also a bit better lit.) From what we've seen so far, Gilles is completely charming as well as super hot. He can dance, too. The trifecta! Although the couple's quickstep song choice was misguided and terrible, Cheryl's choreography and Gilles' multiple dramatic head jerks (he really sold them!) made the dance a standout. Didn't hurt that they went last, either. Anyone else get a Jon Hamm/Don Draper vibe from Gilles this week? Note to vibe: Please return for all following weeks. Merci, ma petite Nutella-smeared baguette.

"Melissa Rycroft and Tony: 26/30; 49/60 I'm already beginning to disassociate Melissa from The Bachelor, which is crazy but quite a relief, as I much prefer to live in a sequin-encrusted vacuum and evaluate people solely on what they do on Dancing with the Stars. So what's Melissa doing on this show? Giving the long-suffering Tony Dovolani another decent shot at a large knob of hardened glitter! ''It's been so long since I've seen a 9,'' the valiant Tony wailed, in the spirit of a thirsty vagabond come face to face with an unoccupied dunk tank. After Melissa and Tony's dance, all three judges remarked that theirs was the first true salsa of the night. It was also the first dance to pose the difficult ocular challenge of distinguishing Tony's deep tan from his brown tank top. Thank goodness for that heinous patterned piping!"

Marini had been listed with 3/1 or +300 odds at online gambling websites the likes of BetUS.com (paying $3 for every $1 bet).  Wycroft, who was brought in to replace an injured Jewel, had remained around 2/1 odds. 

Then there's the wild card, Lil' Kim, whose odds were a very sweet +800 for a potential to pay out $8 on every $1 bet.

"She did the quickstep to ‘Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' with the avidity of a girl whose worst enemy is the tax man, whom she owes a cool million," reports Tim Apello of Film.com. "The shortest of hip-hop shorties, Kim is too fireplug-like to do a proper Marilyn impression, but she's got game and flash and a winsome heart-shaped face. We'll be seeing her until close to the end of the season."

Dancing With The Stars has become a big betting business online.

"It's actually starting to get right up there with American Idol," reports Payton O'Brien, Matriarch of the Gambling911.com website.  "Most of the online gambling sites now offer odds on Dancing With The Stars."

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