Dancing With The Stars Big Long Shot DeLay Would Pay $300

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Jordan Bach
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Tom DeLay was the biggest of the long shots coming into this season's Dancing With The Stars but he may survive yet another week.  There were two other couples who scored lower and DeLay may be developing a following after last week's hilarious "Wild Thing" performance. 

A $10 bet would pay $300 at Sportsbook.com if DeLay somehow manages to win.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Tom DeLay and Cheryl Burke: 16/30; 4th in waltz relay (20) Meet Tom DeLay, who makes everything groovy. He's ''arguably the highest-ranking Star we've ever had'' and the only one who insists on tucking all of his fairly form-fitting practice tees into sweatpants. I'll borrow a Carrie Ann word here and just say that everything about DeLay's screentime was ''surreal.'' The brown vest with brown sequined trim over a different-brown shirt and different-brown pants. Bruno's obligatory ''You're crazier than Sarah Palin'' joke. DeLay's wink at Bruno and the way he turned around to shake his butt for DANCSMTR as if this is something DANCMSTR would want. Have I mentioned that Tom DeLay danced a cha cha cha to ''Wild Thing''? Actually, the most awkward part wasn't even all DeLay; it was when DeLay was fighting Samantha Harris to finish a sentence as she waved the microphone back and forth in the red room. Someone of DeLay's former public prominence should know about one of our nation's most universal truths: You're not allowed to actually complete a word when Sam needs to throw it to commercials. Amateur. ''I feel like a complete goose,'' DeLay said at one point during rehearsal. I had to rewind it twice to make sure he hadn't said ''douche.''

The highest score went to Aaron Carter (opened with 2/1 odds of winning DWTS 9 at Sportsbook.com)

Donny Osmond, whose sister Marie had a huge following during her tenure on the show a few seasons back, received the second best score.  He entered the competition promising a payout of $7 for every $1 bet.

Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com 

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