Dancing With The Stars and Survivor Betting Odds Now Offered

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Jordan Bach
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Dancing With the Stars

Sportsbook.com has just posted betting odds on both the ABC hit dance competition, Dancing With The Stars, and the CBS smash, Survivor.

Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden was filmed in Gabon, Africa during late June using high definition (HD) cameras, making this the first season shot and aired in HD. The show will premiere on September 25 as a two-hour event.

Dancing With The Stars 7th season will debut this month.

Survivor Gamon odds courtesy of Sportsbook.com:

Ace Gordon +700
Bob Crowley +1500
Charlie Herschel +700

Corinne Kaplan +800

Crystal Cox +500

Dan Kay +550

Danny Brown +700

Gillian Larson +1500

Jacquie Berg +1000

Jessica Sugar Kiper +1500

Kelly Czarnecki +800

Ken Hoang +1500

Marcus Lehman +550

Matty Whitmore +500

Michelle Chase +800

Paloma Soto-Castillo +1000

Randy Bailey +1500

Susie Smith +1500

Dancing With The Stars odds were as follows:

Brooke Burke +700

Cloris Leachman +5000

Cody Linley +800

Jeffrey Ross +5000

Kim Kardashian +700

Lance Bass +350

Maurice Greene +500

Misty May-Treanor +200

Rocco Dispirito +1200

Susan Lucci +600

Ted McGinley +1200

Toni Braxton +300

Warren Sapp +1000

In an ironic twist, Brooke Burke was once a spokesperson for the Sportsbook.com website. She was aptly replaced with the lovable and talented Carrie Stroup, who just happens to be one of Gambling911.com's most popular writers as well.


Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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