Britain’s Got Talent Most Watched Show in 5 Years

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Jordan Bach
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Susan Boyle

This past Saturday's final of the talent competition, Britain's Got Talent, was the single most watched program in the UK in nearly five years.  19.2 million people tuned in and just shy of 4 million voted.  Another countless number of people watched the final via the Internet.  By Tuesday, over two million people had viewed the finale via YouTube.

Most of the Britain's Got Talent hysteria came as a result of contestant Susan Boyle, who made headlines around the globe as the 48-year old became an instant YouTube sensation.  Millions of dollars were wagered on Boyle to win the competition.  Ultimately she came in second to the group, Diversity.

Ms. Boyle was admitted to a clinic the following day for exhaustion. 

"BGT" judge Amanda Holden said on The Early Show Monday she thinks "it's kind of what everybody's saying, really. I think it's taken its toll on her. She's gone from a woman nobody knew to worldwide fame, and I think, for anybody in the business to handle that kind of stress is an enormous amount of pressure, and I think she probably has just crumbled under it. ... She will just need some time to recuperate and rest. And actually, it's probably a blessing she didn't win, because now the spotlight is not so heavily on her. So, perhaps now she can just relax and enjoy what's happening to her, rather than feel the pressure."

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