Big Brother 10 Begins – Odds Set

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Jordan Bach
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Summer is here and that means it's time for Big Brother - specifically, Big Brother 10.  And more importantly, it's time for betting on Big Brother 10.

Following on the heels of one of Great Britain's most wagered on television shows, Britain's Got Talent, Big Brother 10 debuts but has unfortunately lost a lot of its thunder in recent years.   At one time, this had been among the most bet on television programs.   The show in fact shed some 2 million viewers with its second episode, down from 4.8 million to 2.8 million.  Ouch!  Even worse, The long-running reality show lost out to a repeat of Martin Clunes in Doc Martin on ITV1, which pulled in 4.1 million viewers and an 18 percent share.

Rodrigo was the early market leader with Charlie just behind him as the top male at Sportingbet.com.

Beinazir, incidentally, became the season's first eviction. 

The public voted for who they wanted to save out of the remaining non-housemates Angel, Marcus, Sophia, Sree and Beinazir, with Beinazir receiving the lowest number of votes.

Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com 

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