Best Supporting Actress Odds – 2009 Oscars Best Bet

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Jordan Bach
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Penelope Cruz

When it comes to the 2009 Oscars best bet, look no further than the Best Supporting Actress category.

"Any of the nominees are legitimate candidates to win," explains's Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien.  "Experts offering up Oscar predictions all have different takes on who will win Best Supporting Actress."

Penelope Cruz may be the favorite, requiring a $14 bet to win $10 at ( you get $24 back if she wins), but Viola Davis, Amy Adams and Taraji P Henson are each being heralded as the potential winners.  Online gambling website, SBG Global,  even has Marisa Tomei as the second biggest favorite to win.

Who should win?  That is the question posed by a number of critics, including Michael Sragow of the Baltimore Sun.

"Viola Davis ( Doubt). As the mother of a possibly-abused boy in Doubt, she struck a strong, true note of maternal understanding under stress that wiped Meryl Streep's almost-comical bravura as an investigating headmistress off the screen."

Davis offers the best payout at  $70 for every $10 bet.  This is compared to a $20 payout for every $10 bet at some competing online gambling websites.

If it's Amy Adams you like, look no further than SBG Global, which will pay out $75 for every $10 bet.  Some online gambling websites were paying under $40 for the same bet.  If one is to believe that list floating around of "leaked Oscar winners" the Academy claims is a hoax, then Adams will in fact win.

Taraji P Henson is a second favorite to win at some online gambling websites. SBG Global pays $85 for every $10 bet on Henson should she win.

For anyone who thinks Marisa Tomei can take home the Oscar, you can win a whopping $150 for every $10 bet at

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