American Idol Season 10 Odds to Win and Eliminations Offered

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Jordan Bach
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American Idol Season 10 Odds has announced it will be offering odds – not just on who will win Season 10 of American Idol – but also which contestant will be eliminated each week.

The Top 13 of American Idol Season 10 were set to perform Thursday night with one elimination taking place, however, had not placed odds on this week’s The remaining contestants were:  Lauren Alaina, Thia, Haley, Jacob, Karen, Scotty, Naima, Pia, Ashton, Casey, Paul, James, and Stefano.

With American Idol ratings still going through the roof despite the drastic judge overhaul, online gambling sites are looking to continue to get a piece of the action.

“Betting on American Idol has always been big but dwindled in recent years,” says Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the website.  “The re-introduction of elimination odds help make weekly betting more fun and interactive.”’s coverage of American Idol betting has always been quite extensive.  Last years contestant pool, however, was rather bland and drew little interest from the wagering community.

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