American Idol 2011 Odds Posted: Steven Tyler’s Lips At 2/1?

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Jordan Bach
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Steven Tyler American Idol

With American Idol’s Season 10 premiering Wednesday night, the folks from have just released prop odds on the show itself with Steven Tyler’s lips taking center state – well, sort of.  

The novelty betting shop released odds on which walks is more demanding on the set:

Tyler’s lips          2/1

J-Lo’s ass          3/2

Jackson’s appetite          4/1

How the website plans to grade these bets is anybody’s guess. 

Other American Idol 2011 odds introduced included the following:


Odds Simon makes an appearance this season

Yes             10/13

No             10/11

Odds Paula makes an appearance this season

Yes             3/2

No             1/2

Will this be the final Idol season

Yes             2/1

No             1/3

Individual contestant odds on winning will be released once the field is narrowed down to 24. 

- Jordan Bach,


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