Adam Lambert Gay? How Will This Affect His American Idol Odds?

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When it comes to American Idol, there is little doubt who the favorite is.  That would be Adam Lambert, who continues to break away from the pack and drive the ladies wild in doing so, in more ways than one.

VoteForTheWorst displayed photos on its website of Lambert engaging in salacious kisses with other men (one of which appears on this page). 

"While we didn't want to hurt his chances in the competition by scaring the fundie frauen away from him, Adam Lambert apparently has tons of photos of himself making out with some dude online that were posted on our message board." resident Cuban transgender, Sparky Collins, chimed in.  "Who cares?  So he is gay?  There are many talented gay singers."  Sparky went on to name a few.  "Ricky Martin I think may be gay, though he will not admit it.  Boy George, George Michael, Madonna has kissed Britney Spears on stage."

But for those betting American Idol, the subject could be a dicey one.

Last year's Idol contestants included a whole host of seemingly gay individuals, including one - David Hernandez - rumored to have stripped at gay clubs.

The problem:  Each of these individuals were voted off the show pretty early on.

The verdict is still out (no pun intended) as to whether Sanjaya was the longest lasting "gay" Idol a few seasons back.  He is not officially gay, but some would suggest otherwise.

"People they shun the alternative lifestyle community," Sparky says. 

This leads gamblers to wonder if Lambert, who may have broken a few girls hearts with those one-on-one male kisses, will be able to win over enough of the public during the final weeks of American Idol.

"Bet against it," says Sparky.  "Idol is a show chock full of wholesome goodness.  It's not just the kissing between two boys but having someone photograph this that will turn off viewers."

And where there's smoke, there's fire.

"There has to be a video laying around of Lambert engaging in this activity somewhere," Sparky suggests. 

Suddenly Danny Gokey is looking mighty good paying $30 for every $10 bet at

Here are all your odds:

Adam Lambert +160 (a $10 bet pays $16)

Danny Gokey +300 (a $10 bet pays $30)

Lil Rounds +550 (a $10 bet pays $55)

Matt Giraud +900 (a $10 bet pays $90)

Allison Iraheta +1100 (a $10 bet pays $110)

Anoop Desai +2500 (a $10 bet pays $250)

Alexis Grace +900 (a $10 bet pays $90)

Megan Corkrey +3500 (a $10 bet pays $350)

Scott MacIntyre +2000 (a $10 bet pays $200)

Kris Allen +2500 (a $10 bet pays $250)
Michael Sarver +4500 (a $10 bet pays $450)

Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor


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