Can I Place Player Prop Bets on the Dayton Flyers From Ohio?

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Dan Shapiro
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Only offshore sportsbooks - some of which like BetUS have been in business for over 25 years now - and local bookie can offer player prop bets on the Dayton Flyers. 

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No Player Prop Bets on College Games From Ohio on FanDuel, DraftKings, Other Regulated Books

The Ohio Casino Control Commission last month approved a request to remove college prop bets.  This represents the first major restriction on sports betting since the activity became legal in January 2023.  Ohioans wagered more than $7.6 billion last year.

Player prop bets on college athletes has grown in popularity over the years thanks to providers that have the ability to create such markets and a willingness by the gambling public to take full advantage.

In the end, the Ohio action apparently came down to the harassment of players by sports bettors.

“I have determined that good cause supports the NCAA’s request to prohibit player-specific prop bets on intercollegiate athletics competitions because the NCAA’s request will safeguard the integrity of sports gaming and will be in the best interest of the public,” OCCC Executive Director Matt Schuler said in a statement.

“The data is clear that student-athletes are getting harassed by bettors. Sports betting without appropriate controls poses real risks to the well-being of student-athletes and to the integrity of collegiate competition – risks which are heightened by individual prop bets,” said NCAA President Charlie Baker.

Specifically, no betting on individual performance or in-game statistics such as final scores and Over/Under point totals.

Of course this won't just be limited to College Basketball.  No betting on the Dayton Flyers football or even the Ohio State Buckeyes for that matter.  In fact, no player props will be allowed for any college team, even those out of state.

Again, the only place these types of bets will be available is on most offshore sportsbooks and with some local bookies depending on which PPH software they utilize.

Dayton Flyers Player Prop Bets (2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament)


Daron Holmes (19.5)

Dayton Flyers

Enoch Cheeks (9.5)

Dayton Flyers

Kobe Elvis (9.5)

Dayton Flyers

Koby Brea (11.5)

Dayton Flyers

Nate Santos (10.5)

Dayton Flyers

Daron Holmes (8.5)

Dayton Flyers

Enoch Cheeks (4.5)

Dayton Flyers

Kobe Elvis (2.5)

Dayton Flyers

Koby Brea (3.5)

Dayton Flyers

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