What is a PPH Sportsbook?

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A PPH sportsbook is short for a pay per head sportsbook and that is a company that provides a platform and website for bookies so they can accept bets on daily sporting events. Back in the old days' bookies were just accepting wagers the old fashioned way of over the phone and writing them on paper. But as the years have gone by technology has developed by inventing personal computers and now to the point of allowing people to have smartphones which are basically mini-computers in the palm of their hand.

With this explosion in the field of technology, it has revolutionized how most businesses operate around the world, which includes the sportsbook betting industry. So instead of taking wagers the old fashioned way, bookies can now utilize one of the many PPH sportsbooks available on the market.

These services provide a website with lines that are moving up to the second and have literally thousands of betting options per day.††Gone are the days of just betting on the spread of an NFL game, now with these services players can bet halftimes, team totals, player props, game props, odds to win the Super Bowl, to win the Conference, to win the division, live in play betting and more. All of these additional betting options just mean an increase of betting volumes from the players.††This is the key to making more money as a bookie, because the more often people bet then the more money they will lose over the long run.

In addition, these PPH sportsbooks will grade every wager as soon as each sporting event ends and the bets will be updated to the playersí and agentsí daily and weekly balance. This means bookies no longer have to manually keep track of every bet and manually calculate each win and lose. This also means bookies do not need to manual grade wagers like parlays, and teasers that have different odds on payouts. All of this just means a lot less work for the bookies and leaves them a lot more time to go out and acquire new players.

Most of these services such as www.AcePerHead.com have just a minimal fee to use the service. For example, Ace only charges $10 per active player per week to use the website and service, and if the player does not actually play that week then you will not have to pay for that player that week. It does not get much better than that considering that Ace will do all the work and the amount that players can lose each week is pretty much unlimited.

So if you have a player that loses $5,000 in a week and makes 1500 wagers that week it will only cost you $10 for that player that week and then the profit for you as the bookie will be $4,990. So if you are still bookie action the old fashioned way, then it is time to call Ace at 1-800-909-5193 to get started on their pay per head sportsbook so you can make more money and have more time to grow your business.

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