What is a Free Pay Per Head?

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You will begin hearing about this relatively new concept over the next few years – the free pay per head.

Companies like AcePerHead.com are to the Pay Per Head industry what free online poker rooms are to the real play Web poker rooms.

“They essentially drive in those interested in starting their own sites and ultimately will begin charging after a month,” notes Payton O’Brien of Gambling911.com.  “It’s similar to most of the online poker sites that allow you to play for free in order to get your feet wet then you can start playing for real money via credit card or Bitcoin deposits.”

In other words, free pay per head sites are more of a marketing tool than anything else.

"They operate as a sort of social media platform that allows individuals to set up their very own online sportsbook and the Pay Per Heads will keep their fingers crossed that the bookie or agent wants to stay on board beyond the trial period," O'Brien said. 

You will run your sportsbook just like the masters.  Futures and game props are available as well.  LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING is also available.

AcePerHead.com is offering their Pay Per Head platform FREE for a six week trial

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