Quality Doesn't Have to Bankrupt You When it Comes to a Pay Per Head

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If you are one of the many agents scrambling to find a viable pay per head service to handle your action this football season but are concerned about cost versus quality, then you are not alone.

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There is an old saying that you get what you pay for, this is, for the most part, true, however, there are some exceptions in life and in business. While you should be concerned about extremely cheap PPH services that can go as low as $3 or $5 per head, and we advise you to stay clear of those offers that tend to proliferate this time year right before the start of the high season.

There are reputable companies who have streamed lined their services and are able to offer superior quality services for an affordable price. One such company is www.AcePerHead.com. This pay per head company is one of the few that has endured over the years and shows no sign of slowing down, quite the contrary, each year they add value to their services without raising costs.

Their services start at just $10 per head and depending on your business size and requirements that price could even be lower. Their services include a sturdy yet flexible online betting platform capable of handling millions of wagers per minute, a race track betting platform that connects in real time with all major tracks in the US and is also able to handle all major international horse racing events, additionally they offer two casino experiences, a high-quality graphics virtual casino packed with thousands of games and the best live casino experience available in the business.

Unlike other competing sites that charge the same amount per head, AcePerHead.com is the only one who has made a long-term commitment to provide its agents with a near-flawless service. Proof of this commitment can be found in their dual contact and data centers, yes, you read that right, they have not one but two contact centers where you and your customers can call in their wagers and two data servers fully equipped with the latest generation of servers. Each of these centers is located in distinct geographical areas and connected to different power grids, to ensure 99.99% up times year-round, no other pay per head sportsbook service offers this.

They also have some of the best line managers in the industry, who aided by a robust betting software backend can handle thousands of line types and player profiles simultaneously, giving you the unique opportunity to offer infinite line types to your players based on their level of expertise, likes and dislikes. This feature is extremely helpful when you are trying to build a brand of your own and are looking for ways to separate yourself from the competition, so go ahead, offer reduced juice lines, and enhanced parlay payouts, everything is possible when you work with Ace Per Head.

So, while they may not be considered a cheap pay per head service, they are certainly affordable and the quality of service you receive is well worth the cost 10-fold.

Donít delay any further, register for free at www.AcePerHead.com.

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