Pay Per Head Tips: 11 Time Saving Book Balancing Tips

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The key to running any business is management. Even if business owners have no employees, they must know how to manage their companies.

Below are 11 time saving book balancing tips for online bookie agents.

1. Create a Budget

It’s important that agents first great a budget. This goes without saying. How much money do you have, cash on hand, that you can use to make payouts?

You must have the funds to make payouts before even thinking about a bookie business.

2. Understand Cash Flow

Cash flows out of your business via expenses.

Cash flows into your business via revenue.

3. Understand Revenue

Revenue doesn’t automatically turn into profit. Tesla is a great example of this. The company that Elon Musk built has a great revenue number every quarter.

Their sales are fantastic. The revenue number is impressive. But, Tesla has yet to turn a profit. It might never turn a profit.

Unless you sell stock in your company, it’s important that you understand the difference between revenue and profit.

4. Learn About Liabilities

A healthy company on Wall Street has assets equal to liabilities + shareholder equity.

In a pay per head agent’s case, shareholder equity is the amount of money that the agent can sell the business at.

For example, if you can sell your business at $5,000, you take $5,000 add other liabilities, and that should equal your assets.

Your assets could be anything from consistent pro and casual players (your customers) to the computer you work off, to space you work from, etc.

Luckily, with help of a great pay per head partner, you don’t have to get into the weeds with this.

5. Figure out Monthly Expenses

Always figure out your monthly expenses. Monthly expenses are liabilities on the balance sheet until paid.

If you work with a pay per head partner, the main expense is going to be the per head cost each month.

6. Figure Out Profit

Figuring out profit is easy. Take your revenue number, subtract monthly expenses, and get your profit. There’s nothing more to it.

7. Consider Expected Monthly Revenue

The word consider is used here because monthly revenue in the online bookie business can change dramatically month to month.

Once you start a bookmaking business, you should give it at least a year or two before making any big decisions.

8. Consider Expected Monthly Profit

Again, the word consider is used here because profit, in most likelihood, will change month to month.

9. Hire Sub-Agents on a Need Basis

Okay, now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty. Only hire sub-agents if you need sub-agents. Don’t hire sub-agents because they’re your friends.

It’s important to understand that you must balance the books.

10.  Check Master Sheet Every Week

It’s important to check your master sheet every week. Your master sheet should supply you with sub-agent balances, payments to the bank, etc.

11. Adjust Based on Facts

This can’t be stressed enough. Facts are different than guesses or opinions. Make adjustments based on facts.

For example, never create a schedule limit override unless there is a factual reason to do so.


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