Pay Per Head Solutions – Best for Mobile: Take The Test Drive

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Aaron Goldstein
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Pay Per Head Solutions – Best for Mobile: Take The Test Drive

When it comes to Pay Per Head solutions, you will need one that offers the best mobile platform. is one such company and now they are offering a test drive to all bookies and agents. You can access the software over the Internet from any computer or mobile device.

Go Mobile!

Both Agents and Players can access your website on the go from any computer, iPad, iPhone, Android device, or other mobile platform. This means you can see your reports, lines, and settings from anywhere — and players can wager from anywhere too!

Advanced Reports

Includes a variety of options and useful views, from basic daily/weekly/lifetime summaries of players, to various financial reports. Here are a few examples:

Line & Exposure

Outstanding Bets

Cash Flow

All Wagers (graded and open)

Completely Customizable Pay Per head services

You can remove games from the board, move the lines, even setup limits and guidelines on a per-player basis (see image). Or you can just kick back and let us do all that for you.  By default, we worry about lines and limits, and handle all wagers are grading automatically and promptly.

Take for a Test Drive Here Now

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