Pay Per Head Players Standings Reports

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Aaron Goldstein
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Pay Per Head Players Standings Reports

Your Pay Per Head service could prove to be a valuable tool in helping your bookmaking business grow through players standings reports.

And what exactly are players standings reports?

Players are the lifeblood of any book making business so it is extremely important to remain up to speed at all times on the current status of each and every one of their accounts, advises. The players standings reports help to track your customers activity. 

The summary page of the Players Standings report is a quick snapshot that can quickly display their current credit limit, that week’s betting total, the amount at risk and their current balance. This report can also break down action across sports betting, horse racing and casino gambling on a weekly basis. offers its clients the ability to view anything and everything you need to know about a particular player with one click of a tab.

This is an excellent control feature to better help you manage your players on a case-by-case basis.
One of the most important benefits of the Player Menu is the ability to set a player’s betting limits.

Remember, only charges for those players who bet in any given week.  They do not charge for inactive players.  Sign up and get up to four weeks free.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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