Pay Per Head and SSL Security

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Secure Sockets Layer technology delivers up to 256 bit encryption and is the same security used by FDIC insured banks in the U.S.  And now online betting firms are starting to take notice of the importance of SSL Security when it comes to a Pay Per Head platform.  SharpBookie.com is one such company.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Additionally SharpBookie.com offers cloud-based technology. Made for any web enabled device, spread your bookmaking business or Fantasy Sports site to the world and get access anytime, anywhere.

SharpBookie.com is offering their Pay Per Head platform for free with up to five players and $69 for up to 10 players per week, keeping in mind that one customer typically costs an independent bookie or agent $35 or more per week in terms of overhead.  Pay Per Head businesses like SharpBookie offer loss leaders that help boost profit margins such as props, futures and LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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