Online Bookies Need To Use 3 Privacy Tools to Keep Their Business Safe

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As a pay per head agent, you must be cognizant of privacy tools. Privacy tools help you remain close to anonymous while you run your profitable bookmaking business.

Check out 3 privacy tools that you can use to remain as close as possible to staying anonymous.

3 Privacy Tools

The umbrella to all these tools is working with a pay per head company. If you don’t work with a pay per head company, there’s no reason to utilize any of the privacy tools.

The reason is that either you’re a face to face bookie, or you will set up your own website.

Setting up your own website isn’t cost effective while being a face to face bookie means that you have no plans of expanding your business.

So, before you implement these tools, get with a quality pay per head company who offers DDoS protection and encrypted agent-to-agent messaging.

PayPerHead.com is the industry-leading sportsbook software that offers the above protect because they know the importance of anonymity.

Plus, signing up for their Prime Package today can get you up to 35% cash back! Check out the details here.

On to the privacy tools!

Tor Web Browsers

Tor web browsers pretty much reroute your i.p. address through a different i.p. to mask your i.p. address. It’s nothing fancier than that. Agents can see how powerful masking can be.

One word of caution:  if you use a Tor browser, ensure that you are anonymous. The Tor Project allows you to download the Tor Web Browser.

The web browser allows you to see the i.p. address that’s masking your i.p. address.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

When a pay per head agent switches from a traditional currency to Bitcoin, anonymity is much easier to gain because Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency.

Although every Bitcoin transaction is recorded on the Bitcoin chain, every action is also peer-to-peer. Peer-to-peer transactions are more anonymous than any other type of transaction.

Cutting out the middleman, i.e., the credit card companies, leads to more anonymity. Since all Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions are recorded, it’s not true anonymity. It’s close, though.

Cash or Money Order Transactions

If an online bookie agent wishes to stay as anonymous as possible, there’s no better privacy tool than cash or money order transactions.

Agents know that cash or money order transactions leaves no real paper trail unless one party provides the paper trail.

Cash is still king when it comes to transactions.

A Word on Telegram…

Telegram is anonymous. However, the Durov brothers, who created Telegram, have gotten plenty of blowback from the Kremlin, Russia’s seat of government. Russia doesn’t believe in anonymity.

It’s only a matter of time before they manage to destroy Telegram. It might be a good idea for pay per head agents to find a different privacy tool than Telegram.   

The best way to ensure anonymity is having the right pay per head company. PayPerHead.com has an array of payment methods to help online bookies, and their players, stay anonymous.

Get the Prime Package and you can also get up to 35% CASH BACK. Find out more, and sign up for a premium sportsbook solution today.

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