Online Bookie Tips: Why Real-Time Reporting Is an Agent's Best Friend

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The most successful online bookie agents become CEOs of their companies. They understand that the key to running a successful business is to smartly manage the business.

That’s why it’s important for all agents to have access to real-time reporting.

But, there’s another reason agents should think like CEOs right now. Both the NFL and College Football seasons are here. At no time during the year will agents be busier than in the fall when athletes hit the gridiron.

Real-Time Reports

Below is a list of real-time reports that all per head agents should access on a regular basis.

Hold Percentage – The hold percentage report provides a breakdown by sport, league, period and bet type of activity by agent or player of bet count, volume, win, loss, hold %, and average bet amount.


The ability to run two data subsets at a time is key. By doing so bookmaking CEOs can cross compare statistical information.


Wagers Report – First, it breaks down by business unit. Agents can see how well the online racebook is doing compared to the online casino.


Second, the information is both easy to read and informative. Nobody has time to spend time learning how to read reports.


Finally, pay per head agents can delete bets right from the wagers report.


Player Activity Reports – No other report might be as valuable to agents as player activity reports. All CEOs in every business understands different category of clients, and which one of their clients (or customers) provide the bulk of their revenue.


In huge businesses like Amazon’s cloud business, they know which one of their clients utilizes their cloud services. For a bookmaker, knowing their most consistent pro players and casual players is like gold. It helps bookmaking CEOs reliably forecast.


Position Report – The position report provides a simple breakdown of open bets action. Agents can see the estimated profit of each event after the event is final. Successful per head agents use this report to find not only where the action is going, but how that action translates to profit.


Every report listed above is essential for online bookie agents to manage their businesses. The most successful bookies are bookmaking CEOs of their companies. Real-time reports allow agents to efficiently become bookmaking CEOs.

Get The Right Sportsbook Software

If an online bookie agent doesn’t have access to these types of reports they could be missing out on serious cash.


CEOs who don’t consistently pay attention to reports and cash flow lose their business. Pay per head agents need to think this way or they to will shut the doors on their business.

Having a premium sportsbook management software will allow agents to monitor their business and become Master Agents. PayPerHead.com offers these premium real-time reports with their Prime Package.

Their software is made for bookies, by bookies. They understand what agents need in order to create, and more importantly, to grow their business.

To kick off the NFL Regular Season PayPerHead is offering their Prime Package for just $3 per head when agents call in. Get the best reports designed to help agents run their business properly and efficiently.

Use the NFL season to grow your sportsbook and become a refined CEO. Get PayPerHead’s Prime Pack for just $3 per head and get access to top-of-the-line tools and features.


Don’t be a rookie - be a bookie.

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