Online Bookie Tips: How To Handle Sharp Bettors 101

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There are several ways for per head agents to deal with sharp bettors. The best ways can be broken down into two distinct categories: using PPH tools, and extreme measures.

I highlight the only successful extreme measure here.

Before getting into that, please note that it’s always in your best interest to maintain professional, courteous, customer service.

Bookmakers have a bad rep as it is. Don’t make your reputation worse by providing bad customer service.

Use Pay Per Head Tools

This is the most obvious way to handle sharps. All tools listed can be used to manage betting on your end.

Max Betting Limits – Sharps are sharps because they bet a lot of money on a few games. You might find a sharp bettor that wants to play $500 on some games while putting $5,000 on one or two games.

Use max betting limits to cut the max allowed to wager to around $500 on all games. Sharps will just spread their $5,000 around. 

Schedule Limit Overrides – If you’re receiving too much action on a specific game, it’s important to set a schedule limit override. Schedule limit overrides encourage wagering from casual bettors on other games.

This could help balance out the action from sharps on a specific game without online bookie agents having to use their layoff account.

Layoff Account – The layoff account should be used sparingly. But, if there is a huge discrepancy in action between a sharp bettor and the public balance out the action via your layoff account.

Sharp bettors don’t win all the time. They make massive bets when they have the best chance of winning.

Line Mover – Simply discourage action on a specific game by changing the line. Always add or take away a half a point to prevent refunds.

Extreme Measure:  Be Honest with Sharps

If your business can’t handle sharp bettors be honest with those sharps. Call them up. Let them know that they might be better served by playing somewhere else.

Don’t be a jerk about it. Just tell them that your business caters mainly towards casual bettors.

There’s nothing wrong with doing this. Most sharp bettors should thank the per head agent that takes this step.

The worst thing a sharp bettor wants to do is get into a situation where a bookmaker has trouble making payouts.

Online bookies who have the right team backing them up know who their sharps are, and if they can handle them. PayPerHead has been in the business for 20 years and their software was made by bookies - for bookie.

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