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AcePerHead.com is a pioneer in the betting software solutions industry, and as a result they are constantly adding new features to keep up with the industries growing trends.  Over the last 10 years this industry has transformed from a predominately call in over the phone service, into a purely internet based and mobile service.† As a result there is a new younger and more mobile tech savvy generation that are becoming Agents, which leads to new added features for everyone.

On Ace's Agent backend there are many different features to utilize, such as Bet Ticker, Weekly Balances, Wager Listing, Move Lines, Exposure and many more. Each feature provides a specific purpose and everything can be used to maximize profits and understanding of what exactly is going on with each Agentís package of players.† Now Ace has added another useful feature to the list called Wager Alert.

Wager Alert is a sophisticated yet simple to use notification application that will allow Agents to set specific parameters on risk or win wagers, or specific players.† Once the Agent sets up the parameters of their alert then they will either receive an immediate Text or Email when a wager is placed that fits with their chosen criteria.

Just to give an example of how easy this feature is to use, here is a step by step example of how to activate this Wager Alert Notification.†† The first thing to note is that an alert will only be sent on regular sports bets placed through the website, which means this will not include any VIP Live, Casino, Horse, or wagers that were placed by calling in the bet over the phone.

To set up a Wager Alert you need to first click enable to turn the feature on, then you select if you want to be notified by an SMS text or an email. Once you select the method of how you will receive the alert, then you either input the email address or choose the phone number †that you use and the phone carrier that is connected to that number. Then there is a box to click off that says detailed alert, which is definitely recommended because you will receive the exact details of the bet such as player xyz50 risked $150 to win $100 on the New York Yankees money line.† If you do not click the detailed alert box then you will just get an alert texted or emailed to you that says a ìA bet has been placed.î† Then after you enable how you want to receive the alert just click the Submit button.

The last thing to do now is set the criteria for the notification by clicking Add Alert.† When you click Add Alert you choose the risk or win amount on bets you want to receive alerts on.† So for example if you choose win and put $500 you will only receive alerts on bets that win $500 or more.† If you select 0 for risk or win then you will receive an alert for every bet made.† The other specification you can configure is by Players.† This means you can do by All players, or Selected Players, and then just click Save Alert.† Once you save the alert then it will be completely activated and will be stored in your Current Alerts section on the Wager Alert page, and you will have the ability to edit it or delete it whenever you want.

This is a great new feature that can give you up to the second alerts on your players betting action, without having to actually be logged into the pph program.† This is also perfect for any agents that lay off some action that they receive.† Agents †can now immediately lay off the action somewhere else and get the same exact line, instead of logging into their account and trying to lay off a bet that they received †from 4 hours ago.† This is just one of the many new features that www.AcePerHead.com has added, and will continue to add other new useful features each year to continuously accommodate an ever expanding industry.

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