Irving Texas Bookies, Las Colinas Bookies and Finding a Top Pay Per Head

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The Irving, Texas area bookies will have plenty of folks hungry to place bets on their favorite local sports teams, some of which have enjoyed great success in recent years.  As such, a quality Pay Per Head service catering to this community will also be in high demand.

The Appeal of Irving for Area Bookies

Aside from being home to one of the most rabid sports fans in the world, Texas’ 13th largest community lies just miles outside of Texas (population was 228,653).  Irving has more residents who work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the US, a sector that is particularly drawn to Web gambling.  There is plenty of wealth in the surrounding area. 

Las Colinas is the upscale suburb of Irving where bookies can attract those with high disposable incomes.

Irving provides easy access to Dallas, which is a billionaire magnet.  Dallas is home to 18 of the Fortune 500 companies and 18 of the top wealth holders on Forbes Magazine's list of richest billionaires. If that’s not enough to convince you we’re rolling in money, listen to this: Dallas is second only to New York in its population of billionaire denizens.

Several large businesses have headquarters in Irving, including ExxonMobil, Kimberly-Clark, La Quinta Inns and global contact center provider, Zale Corporation.  The headquarters of Nokia America and NEC Corporation of America are also located in Irving.

It is  one of the most attractive larger cities for people who are young, single, educated, and upwardly-mobile career starters. 

Irving, Texas Team Fan Base

The Dallas Cowboys will typically have the largest fan and betting base in this region despite the popularity of area College Football teams.  As of Week 10 of the 2016 NFL season, the Cowboys were killing the books with only one loss and one failed cover.

Texas, Baylor, TCU and Texas A&M will have fan bases that stretch throughout this region.

The Texas Longhorns, in particular, should have a good College Basketball team in 2016.  Texas A&M and Baylor will also be competitive.

Why Use a Pay Per Head

A Pay Per Head runs all aspect of the bookie business with the exception of handling financial transactions.  They charge a small weekly fee per customer (per head), often starting around $10.  In the long run, bookies and agents alike save money while minimizing the headaches involved in running such a business entirely on their own. .

Utilizing contracting services is common in many successful industries.  In the case of a local bookie, the Pay Per Head provides a prudent means of adding that necessary layer of security, not just to protect from savvy sports bettors, but also by minimizing the potential of becoming victimized by criminal elements. A known area bookie residence will typically mean “cash on hand”, sometimes lots of it.

Irving Area Crime Stats

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Irving is 1 in 31.  Relative to Texas, Irving has a crime rate that is higher than 76% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes. 

The chance that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in Irving; such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder; is 1 in 448. This equates to a rate of 2 per one thousand inhabitants.

Your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime such as burglary or home invasion in Irving is one in 34.

These stats increase dramatically for those who run a cash business from their home or office such as a bookmaking business. 

As mentioned above, Pay Per Head services eliminate much of the aspects of a bookmaking business that entice criminal interest.

Sports Bars Where Irving Bookies Can Be Found

Twin Peaks is a popular sports bar similar to the Hooters concept that features scantily clad bartenders and servers.  Some feature more than 30 big screens.  The company was featured on “Undercover Boss”. 

Champps in Las Colinas is especially popular as well.

Bookmaking and the Law

Bookmaking is a misdemeanor in the state of Texas.  There is no express Internet prohibition.

Notorious Area Bookies

Read “The Bookmaker’s Wife” about one time Dallas mega bookmaker Robert Angleton convicted of killing his wife.

Irving/Dallas Mobster History

Whether fair or not, bookmaking is often synonymous with organized criminal activity.  Wise bookies stay clear of such associations as their high profile nature increase the chance of prosecution.

Carlo Piranio, a native of Sicily, immigrated to the U.S. circa 1901 with his brother Joseph. They first settled in Shreveport, Louisiana. Carlo began the Dallas faction of the American Mafia in 1921 with Joseph as his underboss. Source: Wikipedia

Joseph Civello assumed control of the Dallas Crime family in 1956, when Joseph Piranio died at age 78.

After Civello's death in 1970, the FBI listed the Dallas Family as inactive though Joseph Campisi, a long time capo, would ultimately assume control of the family in 1973.  He was awarded a certificate from the City of Dallas for outstanding community service and would ultimately die in 1990 from a heart attack he suffered when chasing a busboy out of his restaurant for stealing money from him.

Your Teams Odds to Win – November 8, 2016

Cowboys to win the 2017 Super Bowl: 11-1 (dropping)

Texas A&M to win 2017 College Football Championship: 250-1

Texas to win 2017 NCAA College Basketball Championship: 40-1

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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