India Coin And CannabisCoin Cryptocurrencies Surge Despite The Bitcoin Crash

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Online gamblers, day traders, and cryptocurrency investors have had a nice run betting on Bitcoin and other altcoins over the past year.  The folks that have gotten into Bitcoin too late have gotten their wallet hurt, while seasoned cryptocurrency investors have been making bank with The India Coin And CannabisCoin Cryptocurrencies. 

India recently banned Bitcoin, so it makes sense that a new cryptocurrency called the India Coin ($INDIA) has surged up over eighty percent in the past twenty-four hours. India Coin ($INDIA) is currently trading at $0.001027 according to with $143,974 listed as the twenty-four-hour volume.

Last week, India imposed a ban on Bitcoin. Above all, this took a toll on the cryptocurrency that was on its way above $7,000 according to  Now Bitcoin Core is below $7,000, and many people that bet on Bitcoin have sold and lost money.   The Indian cryptocurrency volume is lower although people in India are still trading cryptocurrencies behind a VPN.  Hopefully, India will reconsider its ban on Bitcoin and become one of the countries that regulate Bitcoin and other altcoins like the United States of America licensed and regulated real money gambling and marijuana.

Did you know there is a specific altcoin to purchase Pot on the Internet? CannabisCoin ($CANN) has surged up over twenty percent in the past twenty-four hours to $ 0.041767!   The twenty-four-hour volume is $175,375, which shows that a lot of people are using and trading this altcoin (Alternative Coin).  Above all, this may not come as a surprise to people that saw Dennis Rodman allegedly promote "POTCOIN" when he took a trip to visit Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Perhaps, people were distracted by the crazy ex-basketball player meeting with our countries foe, who has been experimenting with nuclear weapons.   Getting back to the Cannabis Coin ($CANN), it appears to be a new altcoin that is most likely part of many of the pump and dump schemes found on the deep darknet according to

Is it a secret that folks in all over the world buy drugs on the deep dark net? Apparently, most people do not think of Marijana as "Crack Cocaine," but the United States citizens do not like kids buying drugs like Crack, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Extasy over the deep darknet.  Above all, many people in the United States of America wonder if marijuana is legal in their state. Also according to The article "Will The US States That Have Legalized Marijuana Be The Next To Make Internet Gambling Legal?  it appears that people feel that the next states to legalize online gambling with being the states that have legalized marijuana.

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