The Importance of Speed When Choosing a Pay Per Head

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To err is human, we have all known experienced this at some point or another in our lives. Mistakes have repercussions and in business, it is most likely to be a financial one. And bookmaking companies are especially susceptible to two types of mistakes, miss-grades and incorrect or miss-managed lines.

How the Right Software Can Save You Money

While no pay per head company in the world can guarantee a 0-mistake service, only the best outfits like AcePerHead.com, can provide a minimum financial loss due to mistakes. One way they can provide this is by using the best betting software platform and the diligence of their incredible staff.

Miss grades happen more often than most people are willing to admit, and these are not always the fault of an employee of the price per head†service, miss grades can occur when a third-party provider posts a wrong score, sometimes it happens while you watch live, point in case, the blunder of last nightís Oscars, where an error by a representative of the accounting firm in charge of providing the results gave the wrong envelop to the presenter.

One thing that helps make ACE PER HEAD the best pay per head service, is their grading speed, the employees in charge of grading events take pride in posting the results as fast as possible, so your players can have updated balances to continue wagering, in situations when a miss grade occurs you need to have the perfect combination of human interaction and software capacity.

The betting software platform used by ACE PER HEAD has the capability of processing millions of bets per second, if a miss grade needs to be reversed it is imperative to have the software capability to reverse and re-process the result within seconds to prevent any major delays that would inconvenience your players.

The system also provides reports within seconds of all the accounts that were affected by the miss grade, which makes it easier for the employees of ACE PER HEAD to review and make sure no balance discrepancies were created, if they find any such discrepancy they will contact you to inform you and get guidance on how to proceed to resolve the discrepancy.

The same goes for lines that are posted incorrectly, the system provides checks and balances to help the line managers identify these mistakes quickly and a report is available to see the accounts that placed a wager on the incorrect line, you will be notified if the incident affected any of your players.

Another feature of the sports betting software platform used at ACE PER HEAD†is the speed at which lines are updated, the update along all the systems is simultaneous and happens in real time. The complexity of the software allows ACE PER HEAD†to offer as much flexibility as needed to each independent bookmaker, in reality, the staff at Ace are not handling one sportsbook they are handling hundreds or even thousands at a time, because the system is smart enough, they have been able to automate a lot of the line moving process, which allows them to manage all of the clients at the same time while adhering to the individual rules established by these.

Bottom line is time is money, and ACE PER HEAD understands this better than anyone else, providing a fast and accurate service with the help of the right betting software is how they are able to minimize financial loses for you and your business.

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