How Using The Right Pay Per Head Software Can Make You Money

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All businesses end up learning the key word to success:  efficiency. Online bookies run businesses.

Their businesses are no different than any other business. Even art gallerists understand why efficiency is important.

The right pay per head software can make you money because it can make you, as the PPH agent, run a more efficient business.

An Efficient Dashboard

It all starts with the dashboard. The interface is the key to any online business. An efficient interface drives efficiencies through the entire chain.

This is true for any online business whether it’s Amazon, Facebook, or a pay per head agent business. An efficient dashboard has features that makes it easy for agents to work.

An example of some great dashboard features are: a centralized location, a display that shows urgent messages and marketing messages from the company, easy access to billing history, an active head count number, and is customizable.

All of which are found on the PayPerHead.com dashboard. And right now PayPerHead’s premium software package is FREE when bookies upgrade from their professional package. Take advantage of this deal today, because time is running out.

Efficiency Tools

Mass edit – Allows bookmakers to make mass edits to all their players at once. This is particularly helpful to set max betting limits on future wagers and prop wagers.

Schedule limit override – Setting circle limits on a sporting event, player, or profile, for hours, days, weeks, or even a year, helps online agents manage action to their books.

Settle alert – Creating a pre-settle, which pings pay per head agents before a player has reached a certain monetary betting or win limit, allows agents to become efficient at managing cash flow.

Money Management Reports

Wagers report – Since the wagers report is broken down by business unit, agents can see which business units garner the most action. They can set schedule limit overrides to either encourage action on those business units, or encourage action on other business units.

Login history report – This can be a particularly important report to know if any pro players or casual players have switched action to a competitor. Having a grasp on how much action players wager each month helps agents efficiently plan.

The business word efficiency isn’t lost to the online bookie. All bookmakers should strive to become more efficient.

Tools and reports found through a per head organization like PayPerHead help agents be more efficient. The phone number to PayPerHead.com is 888-978-0288.

 Talk to a rep today about your FREE upgrade to their premium platform to have access to all of the above and more. Work smarter, not harder.

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