How Pay Per Head Reporting Can Improve Your Business

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Online bookie agents run their own businesses. To run a successful business, CEOs, which is another way to describe a master agent, must study reports.

This article explains the importance of studying two reports available to PayPerHead agents, the Wagers Report and the Player Activity Report.

Wagers Report

The first information to glean from the wagers report is to discover which sports, which business units, provide the most action to a per head agent’s business. This is important.

It’s particularly important after football season when action often fluctuates.

Agents should study the wagers report for trends. During football season, studying trends to find out whether the NFL provides more action than college football is necessary.

But, after football season it’s more important to see if players have switched their action to college basketball, NBA, or NHL.

By discovering trends, online bookies can find out how best to market specific bets.

They can also pinpoint likely action generating live sports betting events. This can help agents determine which live events to turn off to promote specific live events.

Player Activity Report

The Player Activity Report offered via the dashboard does exactly what its name implies. It provides a breakdown of player activity.

Here’s what pay per head agents want to look for when it comes to categorized player activity:

Pro players

Action is important. Pro players get that moniker because they make wagers.

If an agent services any pro players, and any of those pro players haven’t made a bet in a while, be assured that those pro players have moved on from that agent’s business.

Agents should know exactly what sports, or events, on which pro players prefer to wager. Does the pro player prefer to wager on football?  Basketball? The Oscars?

Whatever it may be, master agents must have an idea of what those events are. Any lack of interest from a pro player means that action, the agent’s action, is going elsewhere.

Casual players

Casual players may stick with a team, a sport, or only bet on live events that they can watch. Agents should know the player trends for all their casual players.

If master agents have subagents, they can make this a priority for their sub-agents. Casual players are the bread and butter of most online bookie businesses.

Have The Right Reports

If you don’t have the reports listed above, then you’re not getting the most out of your business. Settling for subpar reports means per head agents and bookies could missing out on trends your bettors are looking for.

Get the right online bookie software, learn more about and what they can do to help per head agents grow their book, and their wallets.

PayPerHead offers plenty of other useful reports. Per head reps are available to chat. For those who wish to call, the phone number is 888-978-0288.  

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