Game Chain System ($GCS) AndRichCoin ($RICH.X) Altcoins Surge While Bitcoin Crashes

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Have You noticed that the Game Chain System ($GCS) AndRichCoin ($RICH.X) Altcoins Have Surged While Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrency Are Crashing? The cryptocurrency market is very unpredictable but one thing is certain. Small altcoins surge up about one hundred percent every day! This is great news for the real money gamblers, investors and traders that took positions in these small cryptocurrencies like Game Chain System ($GCS) AndRichCoin ($RICH.X) Altcoins. However, it has been tough for the Bitcoin gamblers, investors and traders that are "HODL".

Bitcoin almost hit ten thousand dollars per coin at the end of last month. Bitcoin Cash was about fifteen hundred, while Ethereum was trading around six hundred fifty dollars.  Litecoin, on the other hand, was trading above one hundred fifty dollars per coin.  While this was not the big high's we saw when Bitcoin hit over seventeen thousand dollars, the Bulls and the Bitcoin Cash Casino investors were stomping around with their profits. Now, it appears that bears have come in, except in cases of smaller cryptocurrencies like Game Chain System ($GCS) AndRichCoin ($RICH.X) Altcoins According to the ArmyOfBitcoin.com. Also, According to the Cashaa ($CAS.X) Altcoin Surges 142% In 1 Day article) from ArmyOfBitcoin.com. the Cashaa ($CAS.X) Altcoin Surged one hundred forty-two percent yesterday. Today, the Cashaa ($CAS.X) Altcoin trades at 0.068827, which is five percent higher than yesterday.

 According to The Army Of Bitcoin cryptocurrency news site, The Game Chain System ($GCS) altcoin is trading at $ 0.008915, which is up almost thirty percent from yesterday!  Also, their market capitalization is sitting at $70,307, which is low for an altcoin surging up that much.  The folks at that do Rich Casino reviews at PlaySlots4RealMoney.com may not be investors in RichCoin ($RICH.X) Altcoin but other real money gamblers are profiting. The RichCoin ($RICH.X) Altcoin is trading at $0.005090, which is up twenty-eight percent since yesterday. Also, their market capitalization is sitting around  $63,905.  While Bitcoin is trying to hold above the seven thousand dollar mark, other small cryptocurrencies like Pot Coin ($POT) are surging up.  According to the cryptocurrency prices ArmyOfBitcoin.com, the PotCoin ($POT) is trading at $ 0.087240, which is over seventeen percent higher than yesterday. Also, Army Of Bitcoin lists their market capitalization at a little over one hundred fifteen thousand dollars. 

There are some smaller cryptocurrencies that have fallen like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. The DAO.Casino ($BET) altcoin currently trades at $0.025326. Above all, this is down almost twenty percent from yesterday! While Game Chain System ($GCS), PotCoin ($POT),  AndRichCoin ($RICH.X) altcoin have made nice gains, they are not the biggest winner. The Silent Notary altcoin ($SNTR) trades at ArmyOfBitcoin.com at $ 0.000144. Above all, this is around sixty-seven percent higher than yesterday! Will Game Chain System ($GCS), PotCoin ($POT),  AndRichCoin ($RICH.X) Keep Surging Higher? Will Bitcoins, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum officially head into a bear market?  Only time will tell and the ArmyOfBitcoin.com will be here to report it!

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