Gambling 911 Introduces Top Pay Per Head Sportsbook Site

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Gambling911 is proud to announce our newest endorsed site,  Although the founders of the company have been around for a long time, the concept and technology of Top Pay Per Head is truly revolutionary.   Its 2017, and technology has taken over our lives. Bookmaking is no different.  That’s why Top Pay Per Head is the first Pay Per Head company to give a full service offering that is 100% completely automated, from sign up to payment.  Here are some key features:

-A full service Pay Per Head Solution at $4 per head or less

This isn’t a promotion or a gimmick.  This is the actual price that you will pay for a full service pph solution, from Live in-game wagering to casino. Its ALL included.  You can pick your own website,  your website look and customize all your settings.  There is no limitations or restrictions on your access or minimum player count.  

-Top Pay Per Head gives you total control over your business

A lot of bookmakers are absolute control freaks, and they will feel right at home at Top Pay Per Head. Your agent dashboard will give you all the tools and reports to manage your business and control your players and their action. You can set up parlays and teasers, control your moneyline offering, set up limits by sport and so much more.  There basically isn’t anything that you would want to manage as a bookmaker that will not be available to you for just $4 per head or less. 

-All the features that you would want from a bookie solution, at a fraction of the cost

The pay per head bookie market Is not an easy one. There is plenty of competition out there from other local bookies and off shore sites.  But PPH agents must also be aware of their expenses. That is why Top Pay Per Head is the future of bookmaking. You can have the same offering  as offshore sportsbooks, and the same customization of Pay Per Head services that charge $15 per head or more, without the hit to your bottom line. After all, bookmaking is about making money for yourself , not giving it to an off shore site. 

Keep checking G911 for continued articles and videos about this new and exciting brand. In the meantime, feel free to visit their site,, or give them a call toll free at 888-623-5053 for some more information or to try their service at no cost to you. 

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