Does Your Pay Per Head Site have Live Wagering?

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Matt Skinner
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One of the hottest sports betting trends in recent years is live wagers during the actual games. Live betting keeps the action coming throughout the entire contest with betting lines constantly adjusting to the action on the field or on the court. If you are an independent sports bookmaker and you are not taking full advantage of this piece of the action, you are missing out on a huge revenue stream. is the No. 1 Pay Per Head provider in the sports betting industry today and for the past two decades they have been working side-by-side with bookmaking agents to bring them all the Pay Per Head sportsbook management solutions they need to grow and prosper in a very competitive business environment.

The sports betting industry is filled with big online sportsbooks that constantly try and attract bettors to their sites with all the bells and whistles they can find. Fortunately, AcePerHead’s advanced technology and state-of-the-art betting software has completely leveled the playing field with these large online books, so an independent bookmaking agent can carve-out an edge with individual and personalized customer service that those books simply cannot match.

Live In-Play Betting's software features housands of live betting opportunities, while many services limit players severely. There is no reason to limit your business, so choosing a service like will boost your business due to the numerous live wages they offer in their packages. offers their basic package, so you can have an idea of what the experience is like for a bargain, and when you are ready to become more involved in the action you can upgrade to their VIP service at any given time. Features like this give modern bookies an edge, so you might as well go for it.  Learn More Here

A big part of the sports betting equation is live, in-game betting and AcePerHead has you covered on every angel of this highly lucrative betting action.

"As the top Pay Per Head service in the sports betting industry, we have been able to establish long-term relationships with the best oddsmaking services in the world. In turn, Premier is able to deliver betting lines fast and razor sharp.

"You will never have to worry about missing a critical line move that could have a negative impact on your bottom line. We also offer sharp monitoring that always keeps you way ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking the action coming in from your particular customer base. Through the backend of our software, you will always have access to all the information you need to avoid any unwanted exposure."

Live in-game betting continues to expand to not only major sports in the United States, but to leagues and sporting events all over the globe. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is always looking for an opportunity to gain an inside edge when it comes to wagering on the games and with as your Pay Per Head provider you can always rest assured that you will have live betting lines for every game, every day of the year.


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