Crypto Entrepreneur Kidnapped in Kiev

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Authorities in the Ukraine are investigating the kidnapping of 40-year-old Russian programmer and cryptocurrency investor Pavel Lerner in Kiev.

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Lerner is the managing director of Exmo, a major UK-based exchange popular with Russians for accepting ruble payments. Lerner is also well known in Ukraine where he has startups dealing with mining operations and blockchain technology development.

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Picutred Pavel Learner

Learner was reported missing by friends late Tuesday after he stopped answering phones at his office. 

Police confirm that the Russian IT expert was dragged into a van and the registration number of that vehicle captured.  They have since published that number for the public.

"The programmer was dragged into a Mercedes-Benz Vito car by unknown persons in dark clothes and balaclavas, and taken away in an unknown direction," the Ukrainian media published.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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