A Bookie’s Nightmare: Some Locals Getting Bludgeoned

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Bookies and agents residing in specific parts of the USA are struggling.  Without the use of a Pay Per Head and its loss reducing offerings such as LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, independent bookies will have a tough time surviving beyond this season.  We witnessed a lot of this through much of New England last year with the Patriots covering in all but three games.

It should be noted that the oddsmakers have done an exceptional job of keeping NFL teams from blowing the books out of the water, with nearly all teams hovering around or below the .500 mark Against The Spread, the exception being Kansas City. 

Kansas City – The Chiefs aren’t just undefeated coming into Week 6 of the 2017 NFL season, they were also 5-0 Against The Spread.  Another cover in Week 6 will decimate bookies and agents in this region.  Again, LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING will help reduce losses here.  Independent bookmakers CANNOT offer this type of technology on their own.

Eastern Pennsylvania/Philadelphia – Look at those Eagles in the NFL, 5-1 Straight Up and 4-2 ATS.  But the pain is enhanced with Penn State going 6-0 SU and 4-1-1 ATS. 

South Bend/Northern Indiana – Area bookies and agents can’t even catch a break with the stumbling Colts or struggling Bears, together encompassing around half the NFL fan base in this region.  Both these teams were a game above the .500 mark Against The Spread.  Meanwhile, Notre Dame was 5-1 Straight Up and Against The Spread.  Did we mention that Purdue, just north of Indianapolis, is 5-1 ATS despite a 3-3 record Straight Up?

West Virginia – The Mountaineers are 4-2 Straight Up and Against The Spread, but perhaps more importantly, Marshall is 5-1 SU and ATS. 

Houston – You have the Astros in the post season of Major League Baseball, Texas A&M (an hour away) is 5-1-1 ATS, and the Texans were a game above the .500 mark ATS.  The Texas Longhorns are also performing well Against The Spread.

Atlanta – The good news is that the Falcons were just 2-2 ATS heading into Week 6.  The bad news is that Georgia Tech, despite their 3-2 record Straight Up, have covered the spread in all five games played so far this season.  Did we mention that the Bulldogs are 7-0 Straight Up and 5-2 Against The Spread in College Football?

Orlando/Central Florida – The good news here is that so many more of the sports bettors in this region support the Florida Gators, who have only managed to go a meager 2-4 Against The Spread, but we are certainly seeing a surge in those placing wagers on the UCF Knights, who will come into Week 8 undefeated and 5-0 Against The Spread. 

Lubbock – Texas Tech has gone 5-1 Against The Spread.  Folks here will bet on other Texas College Football and NFL teams, which could help offset losses.

Utah – The Utes are 4-2 Straight Up and are yet to have a failed cover, going 5-0-1 ATS.

Dallas – The Cowboys may be floundering in the NFL but local College Football teams the likes of SMU and Texas are battering bookies after 7 weeks.  Neither of these two teams are exactly killing it Straight Up so the bookies and agents in this region could soon get a breather just as long as the Cowboys are held at bay.

Iowa – Iowa State is 4-2 Straight Up and 5-1 Against The Spread.  The good news is that the Minnesota Vikings were under the .500 mark ATS heading into Week 6 and this will help.  The bad news is that the Packers were a game above.

Southern Mississippi – Ole Miss is not performing well but Mississippi State, and especially Southern Mississippi, are covering.  Should the New Orleans Saints continue to excel following a slow start, area bookies and agents could be hurting.

Fresno – Fresno State is 5-0 Against The Spread.  Bookies will also be taking plenty of Dodgers bets in this area so they’re definitely feeling the hurt here.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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