Become a Bookie in South Carolina

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C Costigan
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It’s one of the most lucrative states in which to become a bookie: South Carolina.

These days it’s all about College Football and the NFL with Clemson winning the National Football Championship Game in 2017 and the Panthers participating in the 2016 Super Bowl. 

“There is certainly no denying the fact that finding and even becoming a bookie is one of the most interesting activities and it enables the person in getting more knowledge and wisdom with the help of some amazing books,” Ace Sportsbook suggests as part of a published content piece.  “There is a famous quote that books are the best friends of human and what could be better than associating you with that book-friend business.”

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Other key benefits of utilizing AcePerHead.com include:

Set up usually takes under a half hour.

Below are some important highlights to consider when becoming a bookie:

* Be numerate and able to make calculations quickly

*Be well organized and have good administration skills

*Have basic keyboard and computer skills

*Be trustworthy and honest

*Have some knowledge of sporting events.

*Have good communication, negotiation and customer service skills

*Be able to manage a team of staff

*Be able to understand betting regulations

*Be security conscious

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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