3 Attributes Every Pay Per Head Agent Should Have

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Successful online bookie agents have certain qualities that their competition lacks. The main quality is leadership since agents are the leaders of their specific online bookmaking businesses.

Leaders have specific qualities that make them good leaders. Those qualities are determination, integrity, and emotional intelligence.


As defined in the Urban Dictionary, determination is “not giving up no matter how bad things get”. Determination is the key to becoming a successful bookie agent.

Now, there’s a time in every business when there’s no coming back. If a per head agent suddenly lost all his or her players to a competitor, that might be the time to close shop.

But, determined agents won’t allow their businesses get to that point. Determination requires agents to adjust their businesses to be successful.

All businesses require deep dives when things go wrong. Determination is the reason that successful online bookmakers do those deep dives while non-successful bookmakers don’t. 


What’s integrity? Integrity means having moral principles. When it comes to the pay per head industry, integrity means being honest with clients.

Pro players are especially prone to switching bookmaking service providers when they sniff any hint of dishonesty. If an agent has cash flow issues, it’s his or her duty to alert pro players.

It’s much worse for an agent to miss a scheduled payout than it is for an agent to miss a scheduled payment.

There comes a point when cutting off a client is necessary. But it’s rare that an agent must ever cut off a pro player.

On the other side, one missed payout and the pro player is likely to scoot to a competitor.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is “the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions” and the ability to “recognize, understand, and manage the emotions of others”.

If you are a master agent, you must pay attention to both aspects of EI. It’s necessary that master agents recognize, understand, and manage the emotions of their sub-agents.

Sub-agents work for master agents. If you are a lone pay per head agent, one who doesn’t employ sub-agents, you must recognize, understand, and manage your emotions.

The quickest way for an online bookie agent to lose clients is for that agent to lose his or her cool. It doesn’t matter what category of player.

Neither pro nor casual players want to play through a loose cannon.

If an agent has the attributions above, they should join a reputable pay per head software to help grow their business even further.

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