NBA Futures: 2019 NBA Championship Update & Tools Bookies Needs

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The Golden State Warriors maintain favoritism to win the NBA Championship even though the Toronto Raptors have the best record in the league. Online bookies must use per head software to ensure they manage NBA Championship futures betting.

NBA Futures Odds and 3 Tools to Use

Check out the most important tool bookies can use to manage future betting. We also list a couple of other tools that bookies should use to manage daily NBA betting.

Golden State Warriors                    -155

Toronto Raptors                                +750

Boston Celtics                                   +950

Houston Rockets                               +1500

Philadelphia 76ers                           +1500

L.A. Lakers                                        +1600

Milwaukee Bucks                             +2000

Oklahoma City Thunder                +2100

What Bookies Should Take Away From The Odds

The Warriors are under even money favorites. Even though they haven’t played as well as they’re capable of playing, they do lead the Pacific Division.

Golden State’s not a lock to win. So, those bookies that don’t mind some risk should consider opening wagering on the Warriors if they previously set max betting limits.

Boston and Toronto both look capable of beating Golden State. Those two teams deserve attention. Agents should have max betting limits in place on both those squads.

Neither looks better than the other. So, bookies should set max betting limits on both.

The Rockets are a mess right now. The reigning NBA MVP, James Harden, does play for them. So, bookies should set max betting limits.

The Lakers, Bucks, and Thunder are all capable of upsetting the Warriors and winning the Western Conference. L.A. has made a furious move to third place in the Pacific Division. As long as LeBron wears a Laker uniform, L.A. will have a shot.

The Bucks are a solid defensive squad. They also have arguably the best player in the NBA on their team. Oklahoma City’s too loaded with fantastic veteran players to not be considered a contender.

If you’re an online bookie, you must set max betting limits. 

Mass editing tool 

The easiest way to set max betting limits is to use the mass editing tool. The mass editing tool allows bookies to set betting limits on all their players at once.

Layoff account

The NBA’s too much of a wide open league during the regular season not to use the layoff account. Some bookies can pot-shot, that is take risks and put aside the layoff account on specific games, but those bookies should only do that after they’ve thoroughly handicapped the game themselves.

Line mover

Agents should always add a half a point up or down to all NBA betting lines to ensure they must never issue refunds. 

The Line Mover is a premium tool offered through PayPerHead’s Prime Package. Agents who don’t have access to this tools could be in for some serious trouble. Never refund with PayPerHead’s Prime Tools.

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