Bet on Scott Baio New Home State: Says He's Leaving Cali, Root Applauds Him From Blue State Home?

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Scott Baio, the one time teen heart throb of "Happy Days" fame, who in recent years has become better known as one of former US President Donald Trump's most ardent supporters, announced he is leaving California for good.  Many on Twitter seemed to celebrate.

Baio announced he is leaving California due to the increase in crime and homelessness, as if that has never been an issue in Cali for the past few decades.  California's produced some pretty high profile serial killers over the years.

“After 45 years, I’m making my way to finally ‘exit stage right’ from California,” the Hollywood actor announced this weekend.


Another outspoken conservative, our friend Wayne Allyn Root, applauded Baio from his blue state (Nevada) home.

"BULLSEYE. I left California 21 years ago. I saw it all coming. I've been predicting "National Divorce" for many years on my TV & radio shows. EVERYONE needs to escape blue states & move to low-tax red states w/personal & economic freedom."

If anyone cares - most don't - has released odds on Baio's next home.

Florida is the favorite at -120, Utah comes in at 2-1, followed by Idaho and Texas, each at 3-1 odds, and Arizona at 4-1.  The later state has been leaning blue of late.


Odds are good Baio finds a home in another part of California that's more conservative and has less crime at 6-1.

Beth on Twitter writes:

"Why does Scott Baio think we care that he's leaving California? If you're leaving b/c you don't think it's safe, fine. Go. If you're leaving b/c of its politics, fine. Go. This isn't an airport. No need to announce your departure. Pack your shit and go to a Trumper state. Bye."

Mack The Knife writes:

"Scott Baio is leaving California. There is now an opening for a new third shift assistant manager at the Burger King #4673 in Wilmington."

Another tweeted:

"This Scott Baio news is tragic. For Florida."


Baio last starred in and produced the Nick at Nite situation comedy See Dad Run, which ran from 2012 to 2015. Baio guest starred in a 2014 episode of Sam & Cat as a police officer who arrests the title characters, and his career appears to have slowed thereafter.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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