You Can Now Bet on the COPA Case vs. Bitcoin Founder

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Users can bet whether the Judge will rule Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, during the long-anticipated COPA trial this month (February 2024). If the case happens to settle or the Judge does not reach a verdict on that subject, the “wager resolves to PUSH.”


The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) last month rejected a settlement offer brought forth by Dr. Craig Steven Wright, an Australian computer scientist and part of the main team that created Bitcoin.

The settlement offer in a nutshell would have had Dr. Wright passing off claims against Coinbase and Kraken, and his database rights claim against BTC Core—an offer that would put an end to those litigations and prevent BTC, BCH and ABC from claiming to represent Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin.

More specifically, Dr. Wright would agree not to pursue any claim connected to his database rights and copyrights in the BTC, BCH, and ABC blockchains.

Lil Bit looks to fill a void in the microbetting space left behind by Jake Paul co-founded site BetR.  That mobile sportsbook announced plans this week to abandon the Massachusetts market.  Because Lil Bit operates on the BSV blockchain, bets are deemed as taking place outside the US, in the Land of Crypto so to speak.  The site also takes bets on entertainment props such as Donald Trump winning the South Carolina primary and how long the Super Bowl National Anthem will be sung for (Over/Under).

"We like Proof of Work, Big Blocks, Bitcoin, and betting on the underdogs," the founders of Lil Bit told our colleagues at CoinGeek just after their launch late this past year. "Why we chose BSV will become clearer when we launch phase 2. That being said, we do feel we are still in time as understanding of what’ crypto’ actually is in the public eye is quite low."

As far as knowing that the site is fair:

"All our Casino games not only leverage the Bitcoin SV blockchain for its capacity as a payment system, but also its timestamping and Random Number Generation to determine the outcome of your casino wager."

The minimum bet is just 1/1000th of a cent on Sports Bets.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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