On-Chain Casino Lil Bit Enters the Micro Betting Space Courtesy of the BSV Blockchain

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Aaron Goldstein
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Lil Bit is a fully licensed and automated on-chain casino and sportsbook that just launched in August 2023 and is built on BSV blockchain.  Gambling911.com is so excited to welcome them to the community.

Users across the globe can being using the site to log and place bets via these three easy-to-download BSV-supported wallets:  HandCash, Relysia, or Twetch.

Lil Bit also has an embedded non-custodial BSV wallet where users can deposit and withdraw funds with Paymail support.

All bets are made using Bitcoin SV and are recorded in the blockchain. As soon as the bet settles, you get paid out directly to the wallet you used to place the initial wager!

Our colleagues at CoinGeek recently sat down with the folks from Lil Bit to discuss their foray into this space.

First off, why the BSV blockchain over everything else that is out there?

"We like Proof of Work, Big Blocks, Bitcoin, and betting on the underdogs. Why we chose BSV will become clearer when we launch phase 2. That being said, we do feel we are still in time as understanding of what’ crypto’ actually is in the public eye is quite low."

As far as knowing that the site is fair:

"All our Casino games not only leverage the Bitcoin SV blockchain for its capacity as a payment system, but also its timestamping and Random Number Generation to determine the outcome of your casino wager."

The minimum bet is just 1/1000th of a cent on Sports Bets.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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