Lebron James Larry King Interview: Latest Odds

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Carrie Stroup
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Lebron James Larry King Live

Lebron James appearance on CNN's Larry King Live Friday night is expected to generate renewed interest in betting on which team he will end up playing for next season.  Sportsbook.com has been offering Lebron James betting odds for the past month now.

During the exclusive one-on-one interview, James reportedly tells Larry King that his preference is to remain in Cleveland.  Despite rumors of a move elsewhere, Sportsbook.com has maintained the Cleveland Cavaliers as a small favorite to keep Lebron.

The Chicago Bulls had the next shortest odds at +150, which would pay out $15 for every $10 bet.

Other odds included the Clippers at +1000, paying $100 for every $10 bet, the Heat paying $60, the Knicks paying $20 and the Nets paying $40.

Only the New Jersey Nets have seen their odds slashed from +600 to +400 since Sportsbook.com first started offering this betting option.

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Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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