2016 March Madness West Region Odds - NCAA Tournament West Region Picks

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Gambling911.com has your 2016 March Madness West Region odds and NCAA Tournament West Region picks with a video preview appearing below.

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West Region

No. 1 Oregon (28-6) vs. No. 16 Holy Cross/Southern winner

Regardless of who wins between Holy Cross and Southern it should be Oregon that wins this game.

No. 8 St. Joe’s (27-7) vs. No. 9 Cincinnati (22-10)

This should be interesting and low scoring. Both teams will look to avoid mistakes and take this game down to the wire. Take the game under and enjoy the defense.

March Madness Odds: Cincinnati -2

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No. 5 Baylor (22-11) vs. No. 12 Yale (22-6)

The Bears played a much tougher schedule than Yale and they have a big advantage in the middle. The only chance for Yale is to slow this game down and hit some three’s.

March Madness Odds: Baylor 5.5

No. 4 Duke (23-10) vs. No. 13 UNC-Wilmington (25-7)

This shouldn’t be competitive if Duke simply shows up and doesn’t have a horrible shooting game. The only danger is if Duke is looking ahead to the weekend.

March Madness Odds: Duke -9.5

No. 6 Texas (20-12) vs. No. 11 Northern Iowa (22-12)

This could be interesting as Northern Iowa has enough talent to beat Texas in this game. The Panthers are a good shooting team and they don’t turn the ball over. This is an upset waiting to happen.

March Madness Odds: Texas -4.5

No. 3 Texas A&M (26-7) vs. No. 14 UW Green Bay (23-12)

A&M is a really good team while Green Bay is all about creating steals. If A&M just takes care of the ball they win this one easy.

March Madness Odds: Texas A&M -13

No. 7 Oregon State (19-12) vs. No. 10 VCU (24-9)

Oregon State has Gary Payton II and not much else. Neither of these teams is really that good so taking the points with Oregon State could be the way to go.

March Madness Odds: VCU -4

No. 2 Oklahoma (25-7) vs. No. 15 CSU Bakersfield (24-8)

This should be an interesting game that Oklahoma wins by double-digits. Oklahoma is just going to keep shooting three’s and unless they have a cold shooting game UC Bakersfield simply doesn’t have the offense to keep up.

March Madness Odds: Oklahoma -13.5

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