Baseball Fever Getting Contagious with Season Futures and Props

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Baseball Fever Getting Contagious with Season Futures and Props

The Major League Baseball season is right around the corner with only 2 weeks until most teams have their much celebrated opening day on Monday April 4th. Spring training is already just over half way completed, and many per head websites are already receiving a heavy volume of action on the pre-season games.

Baseball is great for sports bettors because there are games every day of the season. In addition, there are also early day time MLB games, which is like Christmas come early for sports bettors, because what true sports gambling fan wants to wait the whole day until 7pm to sweat a game? Also when someone bets on a baseball game they mainly bet on the Money Line, which means they bet that team to win outright. So if the Chicago Cubs are -150 on the Money Line, that means a bettor would need to risk $150 to win $100.

The beauty is that the Cubs just need to win the game, so it does not matter whether they win by 1 run or 10 runs, which means your betting interests are exactly aligned with the interests of the team, where you both just want to win the game. Whereas in Football the New England Patriots could go 17-0 for the season, however since there is a spread in Football betting, it does not mean that a bettor will go 17-0 against the spread when betting the Patriots. It is even possible the Patriots could win every game, but never cover the spread, which is not good for a bettor betting the Patriots. However if the Cubs win 110 games, and a better bets them every game than that bettor would win 110 bets, and only lose 52 bets, which is pretty good winning percentage. The actually amount of money a bettor will win will vary because some of the 52 losses could be heavily favored games.

In addition to betting MLB games on a daily basis, many websites have many types of future bets and prop bets to wager on before the actual season begins. One all inclusive per head website that has a board full of MLB futures and props available now is They have Odds to win the World Series, Odds to win the National and American League Pennant, Odds to win each AL and NL Division, Possible 2016 World Series Matchups, Regular Season Win Totals, National and American League CY Yong Winner, and MVP winner, Player to have most Homeruns, Over/Under Most Hits, Homeruns, Strike Outs, Over/Under Player Specific Props, and Over/Under Specific Pitcher Wins. These are always extremely fun bets to wager on, because in a round about way they allow you to have action on a team or player for the entire season, and really gives bettors a great bang for their buck.

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