G911 World Exclusive: Martin Jacboson Will Defend WSOP Main Event Title

LONDON -- 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson of Sweden will be at this year's WSOP to defend his title, Gambling 911 can reveal in a world exclusive report!

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, May/22/2015

2015 WSOP Gets Underway Next Week With Plenty of Changes

LAS VEGAS -- The 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) gets underway May 27 here and there are lots of changes in store for the 46th annual event, which is to be held at the historic Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino, just off the famed Vegas Strip.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, May/19/2015

Fantasy Sports Has a Kid Sister: Prediction Sports Wagering All the Rage in Europe

READING, England -- Fantasy sports wagering first took hold in America and then crossed the pond to Europe, but now there's another game on the continent that's getting some buzz.

And if it becomes as popular and successful as traditional fantasy sports betting, expect this alternative form of sports gambling to cross back to the USA and become popular and successful there.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, May/18/2015

Malta The New Hot Spot for European Fantasy Sports: Oulala.com Leads Pack

SLIEMA, Malta -- Fantasy football fever is boiling hot in Europe these days, with new fantasy leagues seemingly poppping up almost every day now.

Football in Europe, of course, is what Americans call soccer.

But no matter what one calls it, one thing is evidently clear--fantasy sports betting is taking off in Europe just the same way it's taking off in America.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, May/10/2015

Mondogoal.com Goal: To Be the World’s Top Destination for Fantasy Soccer

ISLE OF MAN -- It looks like deja vu for this tiny island off the coast of England that used to be a British territory but is now an independent nation.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, May/04/2015

G911 World Exclusive: Sponsor of Louisiana Fantasy Sports Bill Predicts Easy Passage

BATON ROUGE, La. -- The State of Louisiana has always been an "anything goes" sort of place, what with its liberal drinking laws, myriad casinos and 24/7 Mardi Gras atmosphere.

But, strangely, one of the things that doesn't "go" in the Bayou State is wagering on fantasy sports.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Apr/29/2015

Fantasy Sports Not Just an American Fad: Becoming Huge in Europe

LEEDS, England -- Wagering on fantasy sports isn't becoming a big thing just in the United States.

It's also getting huge internationally, especially in Europe.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of fantasy sports is that it's tailored to the local market and the local sports culture.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Apr/27/2015

Iowa Halfway Home in Legalizing Fantasy Sports, State Senator Tells G911

DES MOINES, Iowa -- In 2006, the U.S. Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), crippling online wagering by making it illegal to use financial instruments such as credit cards to fund Internet betting.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Apr/21/2015

World Exclusive: Live In-Game Wagering Comes to Daily Fantasy Sports

The inventor of the world's first live in-game sports betting system for Las Vegas casinos has now invented the world's first live in-game system for sports fantasy, Gambling 911 can reveal in a world exclusive report.

Barry Mindes, an 83-year-old engineer from New York who now lives in South Florida, created the SportsXaction betting system in the mid-1990s.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Apr/15/2015

World Exclusive: Indiana Drops Efforts to Legalize Sports Betting, Fantasy Sports

The State of Indiana is dealing with plenty of issues these days, but two things it won't be dealing with any time soon are sports betting and fantasy sports wagering at the state's casinos.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Apr/02/2015

Just How Big is Daily Fantasy Sports: Researchers, Numbers Crunchers Reveal All

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- There's an explosion of fantasy sports leagues in the USA right now, and with that explosion comes the need to track the trends that fuel it.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Mar/27/2015

Satisfy Your March Madness Fantasy Fix With a Twist of TradeSports

While most daily fantasy sports websites are shunning March Madness the way Major League Baseball shuns Pete Rose, one fantasy site sees the NCAA's annual, 68-team, basketball free-for-all as too good an opportunity to ignore.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Mar/17/2015

New Fantasy League Site Swagger Stadium One of Few to Embrace March Madness

WAYZATA, Minn. -- When the annual college basketball tournament known as March Madness gets underway in a few days, most Internet-based fantasy sports leagues won't be involved, for various reasons.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Mar/15/2015

Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues Not Mad for March Madness as Most Shun College Hoops

For the second time this year, fantasy sports leagues will be shut out of the action for a major sporting event.

Last month, none of the leagues weren't able to hold daily fantasy contests for the Super Bowl because Federal law bans fantasy play based on a single game.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Mar/11/2015

Fantasy League Meeting With Ray Rice Reps on Wednesday

$1 Million Endorsement Deal is on the Table

VANCOUVER -- Only time will tell which of the many fantasy sports leagues popping up all over North America are destined to survive.

And thrive.

But if marketing savvy is any indication of future success, one new league looks like it has hit a home run (or in this case, scored a touchdown).

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/25/2015

TradeSports.com a New Type of Fantasy Sports League Where Salary Cap is Eliminated

NEW YORK -- Your state lottery never pays you to try out one of its new scratch-off tickets.

And your local casino never hands you free cash to sit down at the poker table with.

And most certainly your local neighborhood bookie never calls you up and tells you he's going to start paying you to make bets with him on sporting events.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/16/2015

Former Offshore Bookmaker Now a Politician

ESB’s Dennis Atiyeh Failed in Run for U.S. Congress

A former offshore bookmaker who once fought the Federal government recently tried to become part of the Federal government.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/12/2015

Fantasy Site DailyMVP.com Puts Twist on Fantasy Daily Scoring: Lands Tom Brady

Thomas Somach writes that DailyMVP.com uses a unique golf-like handicapping system to equalize performers.

LOS ANGELES -- There are so many fantasy sports leagues out there these days that the leagues have to do something spectacular to garner attention.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/08/2015

Fantasy Sports New Kid Sideleague.com has an App for You

CHICAGO -- Are you a fantasy sports player?

There's an app for that.

As more and more people play in fantasy sports leagues that they access via their mobile devices rather than their computers, the leagues are making it easier for them to do so.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Feb/02/2015

Another Fantasy Sports Website Available for Super Bowl Sunday

Fantasy sports site does end run around law to provide Super Bowl action

Turns out there's more than one way to skin a cat, or in this case, a super cat.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Jan/29/2015