Where Can I Find a Bookie?

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Aaron Goldstein
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Want to know where to find a bookie?  Look no further than your local sports bar, race track, pool hall, but first check with friends and co-workers, especially those who are sports fanatics.

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First, one might ask "Why use a local bookie" if my state has legalized sports betting?

There are lots of reasons to use a local, including anonymity, convenience, not having to deal with a big corporation, getting booted for winning, but more importanly, the ability to bet on credit (similar to the convenience your credit card brings).

A lot of times it is difficult to put money upfront.  If you are given a $1000 credit limit and you win, a date will be set up to collect your funds.  Lose, and you'll be given a certain period of time in which to pay.  You also have the option to settle up once reaching a certain amount.

Ask any of the couple of dozen Pay Per Head businesses operating today and they will tell you the best way to find a bookie is through word of mouth.  Pay Per Head services charge bookies a set amount per customer per week to use their software, live odds, in-play betting, horse book and even an online casino.  When you speak to your gambling friends they will probably tell you that they love their bookie because, one, he or she always pays and, two, they offer a great website to access and bet on.  Pay Per Heads allow these bookmakers to use their software and customize a website exclusive to the bookmaker's client base.

The next best option is probably a local bar, specifically one that broadcasts sporting events. The bartender acts as an almost perfect referral.  After you're through chatting it up with the bookie, it's easy to get an honest assessment from the bartender (maybe upon that bookie excusing himself to use the restroom).  "Good guy", "Never met him before", "Lousy tipper", "Bulls*** artist".  It will only take a moment to get that honest opinion.  If the bartender is reluctant to say anything, this speaks volumes as well.

One last option is to reach out to an established Pay Per Head services.  Some work closely with well funded online sportsbooks that are open to bringing new customers in. 

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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