What is a Good Pay Per Head for South Florida Agents?

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Aaron Goldstein
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The ideal South Florida Pay Per Head must offer a wide variety of internationally soccer matches with a strong focus on the Latin American market.

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There is a common misconception that those living in South Florida and the Miami area in particular will be betting heavily on the Dolphins in the NFL, and maybe even the Heat in the NBA.

Not to discount either team, but Miami's NFL and NBA fan base are typically classified as "fair weather" these days.  That's because so many of those who reside in the region are transplants.  The Dolphins haven't been particularly good in recent years and we all read the horror stories of Heat "fans" leaving games early with Miami and Lebron James down only a few points in the final minute.  These "fans" wrongfully believed the game had ended.  Once the Heat came back, these fans tried to re-enter the arena only to be locked out. 

One thing is for certain, college football still reigns supreme throughout Florida and the Southern portion of the state is Canes Territory.

With so many sports fans from South America living in the Miami area, a bookmaker or agent who fails to offer a wide array of soccer games to bet on will most certainly lose to the competition that does.

PayPerHead.com is one of the premier Pay Per Head sites offering the widest range of soccer matches on the planet.

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