Can I Bet the FIFA World Cup Online From Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota Using Bitcoin?

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For this year's FIFA World Cup, the best way to place bets online from The Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska will be with bitcoin using a cryptocurrency wallet that can be linked to one's banking account.  Last month the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalization of sports betting on a state-by-state basis.  This means that each state will need to decide whether they wish to offer the activity with the required legal framework occurring after this year's World Cup.  For now, a few dozen of internationally licensed sportsbooks will accept wagers on this year's World Cup.

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Remarkably, North Dakota was very forward thinking back in the day ahead of all other states with legislators considering the legalization of online poker as far back as the early 2000's.  So it should come as no surprise that this state is already contemplating offering legalized sports wagering.  Little more is known beyond this point.

South Dakota is also open to the idea though no serious steps have been taken at this time.  An amendment would be required.  If an amendment would clear all its hurdles, the outh Dakota Department of Revenue would recommend that betting occur only at places licensed by the state’s commission on gaming.

“We’ve all been watching this for a long time,” said Joe Massa, former chief operating officer at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort, who spent more than two decades in the casino industry in South Dakota and Iowa. “(Gambling on sports) is something a lot of people are interested in and a lot of it goes on now. It would need to be regulated, but right now governments are missing out on the opportunity for tax revenues.”

The Iowa state legislature drafted a house study bill in February that would allow for establishing wagering accounts at Iowa casinos – the state has 19, including Grand Falls – with access to online betting. It’s a bill that will be waiting for policy-makers the next session.  Legislation would be reintroduced next January.

As for Nebraska, that state has no plans to offer legalized sports betting any time soon despite the rabid College Football fans that reside here.

Therein lies the problem.  Omaha plays host to the NCAA College World Series and NCAA Basketball Playoffs each year and fears upsetting the NCAA.

The current NCAA policy says no session of an NCAA championship “may be conducted in a state with legal wagering that is based on single-game betting or the outcome of any event ... in a sport in which the NCAA conducts a championship.”

In response to the court’s ruling, NCAA Chief Legal Officer Donald Remy said the organization was still reviewing the decision to understand overall implications for college sports.

“We will adjust sports wagering and championship policies to align with the direction from the court,” he said in a statement.

Needless-to-say, gamblers in these states will need to rely on international websites to place all their World Cup bets


The online betting site will simply have you send them the special address/token obtained from the Bitcoin wallet or exchange.

You would select either SEND (to deposit funds) or RECEIVE (to withdraw funds).

Some exchanges allow customers to link directly with their bank accounts or PayPal.  The Bitcoin can be converted into the currency of your choice then transferred into your account in as little as 24 hours. 

You will want to verify all your information (including personal identification) with the exchange prior to sending and receiving funds.  Typically they will suggest setting up an authenticator on your mobile device for added security.

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