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C Costigan
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President Trump has said that he will attend Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday if it extends that far.  That announcement prompted to create prop bets surrounding Trump's attendance at Nationals Park in Washington D.C., and there are some interesting ones to wager on.

*$25 minimum bets
*Accessible from most US states (prohibited in NJ)
*50% signup bonus - $5000 referral night
*7% horse rebate
*Reload bonus up to $1000
*Huge payout futures

What the President will wear, who he will attend with and where he will sit are a few of the betting propositions on the board.
Perhaps the most intriguing prop bet is whether or not he'll be shown on the big screen, and if so, ​will the fans in the ballpark boo him. The oddsmakers made ​'Yes' a slight favorite.
View current Trump World Series odds:
Will Donald Trump wear a tie to Game 5?
Yes -300
No +200
Will Donald Trump wear a ballcap during Game 5?
Yes -200
No +150
Will Donald Trump attend Game 5 with a family member?
Yes -200
No +150
Where will Donald Trump sit?
Stands +200
Box/Suite -300
Will fans boo Donald Trump if shown on ​the ​big screen?
Yes -150
No +110
Will Donald Trump be interviewed during the game?
Yes +170
No -250
​The Nationals overcame some long odds ​to reach the World Series this season.
On May 23, the Nats had just been swept by New York in a 4-game series and dropped to 19-31 on the season. The next day, according to records provided by, Washington's odds to win the World Series were 50/1.
Here is a timeline of the Nationals' World Series odds throughout the season:
March 19 (Preseason) - 20/1
April 19 - 25/1
May 24 - 50/1
June 15 - 40/1
July 15 - 30/1
August 1 (All-Star Break) - 22/1
September 3 - 16/1
Before Postseason - 14/1
The Nats are just the fourth team in baseball history to reach the World Series after being at least 12 games under .500 during the regular season.
The Astros had 7/1 Series odds before the season started, and never had worse than 5/1 odds from the All-Star Break on.

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