The Crypto Beat - May 26, 2021

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Here are all the latest stories related to cryptocurrencies Wednesday May 26, 2021.



Bitcoin no longer ‘fringe asset’ — stock-market volatility rises after crypto’s ‘extreme’ moves, study says

Like it or not, stock-market traders need to keep an eye on bitcoin prices or risk getting whipsawed when the popular but volatile digital asset makes big moves, according to a study by Singapore bank DBS.

“The upshot is that bitcoin is no longer the fringe asset that it once was, given the higher correlations and increased U.S. equity volatility that trail extreme moves in bitcoin markets,” wrote Chief Economist Taimur Baig and macro strategist Chang Wei Liang, in a research report published Tuesday.

Citing a lack of sufficient daily data, they chose to analyze correlations based on hourly returns, comparing bitcoin with continuously traded futures on the S&P 500

They found that the correlation was positive for every month since November — meaning that bitcoin and stocks tend to move in the same direction.  Source: MSN


Canadian Regulator Alleges Poloniex Not Complying With Securities Laws

The Ontario Securities Commission of Canada has said that crypto asset exchange Poloniex failed to discuss regulatory compliance with it, the only such company of 70 requests to refuse or ignore the request.  The agency will hold a hearing on the matter on June 18.

The OSC believes that Poloniex is “accountable for disregarding Ontario securities law,” also wishing to “signal that crypto asset trading platforms flouting Ontario securities law will face regulatory action.”

The regulator also said that the services that Poloniex offered amounted to securities and derivatives.

"While Poloniex purports to facilitate the trading of the crypto assets in its investors’ accounts, in practice, Poloniex only provides its investors with instruments or contracts involving crypto assets. These instruments or contracts constitute securities and derivatives.”


Russian lawmakers weighing partial reversal of digital currency payments ban

Digital currency payments in Russia are illegal, but according to local reports, this might soon change. The reports note that some lawmakers in the country are considering revising some aspects of the payments ban including allowing digital currencies to be used as payment in domestic contracts.

Pavel Krasheninnikov, the chair of the State Duma’s Committee on State Building and Legislation, revealed that there are proposals to amend the law to allow digital currencies as a payment medium in domestic contracts.

Speaking at the St. Petersburg Legal Forum, the lawmaker noted that the current law restricts merchants from accepting digital currency payments. However, in instances when the two parties conducting the payment consent to digital currency payments, then they should be allowed to transact, he claimed. Source: CoinGeek

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 Regulators Jumping on Stablecoins....Hmmm We Wonder Why (Sarcasm)

Regulators Jumping on Stablecoins....Hmmm We Wonder Why (Sarcasm)

Having been covering the online gambling scene for more than two decades, we know the signs.  Let's just say we've seen the apology from TERRA's founder countless numbers of times.  It's the same 'ol script.  It never ends well and never will.

Craig Wright vs. Peter McCormack Libel Trial Gets Underway

Craig Wright vs. Peter McCormack Libel Trial Gets Underway

Meanwhile, the BSV Blockchain Conference is about to get underway in Dubai as the CoinGeek team gathers there.  Gaming is expected to take center stage.

Find Elon Musk Twitter Odds: Promises to Allow Trump Back on Platform

Find Elon Musk Twitter Odds: Twitter Acquisition No Longer a Sure Thing

Elon Musk has closed on deal worth around $44 billion in cash, Reuters reports.  Musk now says he wants to slash Twitter offer based on the number of bots.

Dow Jones Betting Total Closing Day June 30 Now 32250.5 Points

Dow Jones Betting Total Closing Day June 30 Now 32250.5 Points

The Dow sank 1,000 points on Wednesday, or 3.2%, as dismal results from Target renew fears that inflation is battering companies.

Betting Markets Indicate No Musk Takeover and Falling Twitter Stock

Betting Markets Indicate No Musk Takeover and Falling Twitter Stock

Elon Musk taking over Twitter seems like a 50-50 proposition at this point, but the people who crunch numbers for a living are giving it even less of a chance.