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C Costigan
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From affiliate to bookmaker, what’s the better option? You are a local bookie, and your local clients drive your bottom line. What you must do is find out what your clients want, what they want to gamble on, and what options you have available to them. What do you have to offer them? As a local bookie, you have the NFL, the NBA, NCAA, the NHL, MLB, and probably soccer on a limited basis. What betting options are you giving your clients? Most sports bettors want every betting option under the sun. We all know this is difficult to deliver daily. You are probably offering such options as straight bets, small parlays, totals, and possibly a teaser. Anything beyond this is going to tie you down completely. What are your best options?

  • First and foremost, you must be online. You have to get online today. Don’t delay any longer. There are a couple of great options available to you and neither of them includes building a website. You do not have to be a web host, a site builder, or a programmer. You don’t need to know code and you don’t have to be tech-savvy on any level. All you need to know is how to fire up your mobile device, your laptop, or your desktop computer. If you can click on an app, then you can operate an online sportsbook

  • An affiliate is a great option if you know little about bookmaking. As an affiliate, you are a franchise. Think of this as purchasing a McDonald’s. If you had the franchise fee necessary to buy a McDonald’s, the McDonald's corporation will supply you with the naming rights, the building, and all of the tools to successfully operate the restaurant. 

  • McDonald's will also have rules that you must follow. Yes, you are the owner but as an owner, you are agreeing to follow the rules enlisted by the parent company. The best news in all of this, you don’t have to do much, they do it for you. Everything is laid out for you. Of course, you must be business savvy, you will need to hire employees, and you will need to produce a great product if you want your customers to come back for more and recommend you

  • All of this Is much like an affiliate with an existing sportsbook. You get all of the tools necessary to operate online. The only thing you don’t get is the customers. You bring them with you, and you find new. 

  • As an affiliate, you can expect to ‘profit share’. You will be duty-bound to share the wealth with the parent company that made your online existence possible. You will most likely need a down payment or a deposit. This is not always a steep payment, but it can be. 

  • There are more than a few fantastic online sportsbooks that will be more than happy to work with you from the ground up. Our one recommendation with affiliates is to stay away from the “Walmart’s”. In other words, stay away from the “big boys” of the industry

  • Once you have made the leap to an affiliate, you are on your way to bookie success. What your focus must be on now is managing your existing players and finding new ones. The affiliate will help you; they have all of the best tools to make your business a success. You can and you should track your player's moves on a daily basis. You will be privy to free, on-demand reports that tell you where every dollar is being spent and when every dollar comes in the door. 

If you want to take your business to the next level, you can do so, and it all starts with an online presence. The pay per head is a great way to go if you want complete independence. The cost is per week, per active player and it starts at around $7. You get a free website, you get a great sportsbook, a fantastic casino, and a world-class racebook. No matter what you choose, the affiliate program or the PPH; get online today! 
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