Stablecoins Coming to a Casino Near You

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
Published on:

Christian Solomine, Board Advisor for BitBoss Corporation, revealed during a panel discussion at CoinGeek New York Thursday that stablecoins will soon become a part of one Colorado casino.

The property itself has yet to be announced publicly but the benefits of using stablecoins are substantial.

These include "the ability, on the casino floor, to seamlessly transfer funds from one wallet to another so, if I'm on one side othe casino and I'm out of funds, my wife is on the other (side) and she wants to send me some funds to have that sort of experience."

Solomine added: "And also you can use it to make purchases: Buy a show, get a buffet.  Having that seamless routing of funds all through the stable token is ultra interesting to these properties."

BitBoss have established themselves as a market-leading developer in the iGaming space, leveraging blockchain technology to bring innovative new products to market that facilitate provably fair gaming, coupled with the ease and transparency of a public digital ledger.

All games offered by BitBoss are powered by Bitcoin SV.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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