Costa Rica Law Enforcement Doubtful Sean Creighton Kidnapping Will Have Same Results as Ryan Piercy

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Alejandro Botticelli
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  • Piercy was kidnapped in Costa Rica in 2015 and returned a month later

  • On Tuesday morning, local paper reported that security guard had killed Creighton

  • Several arrests made two weeks ago with one individual having ties to online gambling

  • 5Dimes future unknown should reports be true


In 2015, Canadian ex-pat Ryan Piercy was kidnapped.  His abducters demanded a half million dollars be paid in Bitcoin.

Piercy returned to his family home a month later unharmed.

Unlike with the September 24 abduction of 5Dimes owner Sean "Tony" Creighton, law enforcement always believed Piercy was still alive, according to sources close to Gambling911.com.  That's not the case with Creighton, despite publicly stating they are working on the assumption that the U.S. expat is still alive.

"Detectives here say it is highly unlikely that Sean is still alive," a source tells Gambling911.com.

On Tuesday morning, El Dario (for the second time) reported Creighton is dead, at the hands of a security guard tied to the kidnapping scheme.  Back in October, that paper reported his body had been found.  Coroners later disputed this.  That appears to be the only fact in this matter they got wrong, albeit we're talking about a pretty epic mistake.

Like with the Piercy case, Creighton's kidnappers also demanded Bitcoin.  Reports suggest they got $1 million, and the abductors demanded more after police got involved.

Around a dozen individuals accused in the scheme were arrested two weeks ago in both Costa Rica and Spain.  One of the three individuals apprehended in Spain, Guiselle Vega Aguirre, 45, did appear to have ties to the online gambling industry.

Creighton was the sole owner of 5Dimes and operated without a partner though names of local Costa Ricans appear on "official" company paperwork.  In the event he is declared deceased, it is likely these individuals would have some claim to the company.

5Dimes was founded by Akron, Ohio native Al Ross.  The company was later placed in the name of his son Denny, though Creighton began running the book some time around 1999.

5Dimes has not skipped a beat since Creighton's disappearance.

Many offshore books reported a banner football season, helped along by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against decades long prohibition and helping to bolster mainstream acceptance. 

- Alajendro Botticelli, Gambling911.com

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